stand con el que gresmanc group presenta su nueva colección de porcelánicos para piscinas en tecnova 2022

We present a new collection at Tecnova Piscinas 2022

Gresmanc Group is present one more year at the Tecnova Piscinas fair in Madrid, held between February 22 and 25, 2022. On this occasion, we present the new collection of porcelain stoneware and our commitment to the world of swimming pools is the most firm so far.

This fact is reflected in a spectacular stand loaded with proposals and solutions for porcelain stoneware swimming pools in line with the hottest design trends of the moment.

The new Gresmanc collection, Natural Stones, presented at Tecnova Piscinas, proposes designs that emulate the uniqueness and beauty of natural stone. Elements that help us generate harmony and beauty in our environment, new solutions for contemporary life that combine design and elegance with the benefits of extruded porcelain stoneware.

The design of the pool has long become a key piece in the decoration of a space. Our new collection moves away from the more conventional designs and invites us to mix and match different designs that can give an exclusive touch to your pool.

New collection of porcelain tiles for residential pools

The Natural Stones Series is made up of four finishes, Paradise Bali, Oceanic, Tivoli and Antwerp. However, two have monopolized the protagonism of the stand:

  • The exoticism of Paradise Bali: Inspired by the stone of Bali with a beautiful emerald green color, it is the most exotic and desired finish for pool design. Available for the pool shell in 625x310x10 mm format. Combined with White Stone the result is incredible.
  • The calm and relaxation of Oceanic: This design simulates a white marble with veins in cobalt tones reminiscent of the sea. Available for the pool shell in 625x310x10 mm format. Combined with edge and Yukon beach, the result is elegant and serene.
gresmanc group nueva coleccion piscina tecnova

For professionals in technical pools

We show a complete pool section with a crowning solution with a Finnish edge and all the necessary special pieces made of high-performance extruded stoneware. Gresmanc Group has the widest range of ceramic solutions to be up to the task of this type of project that requires such high technical demands.

In addition, in this edition, the Gresmanc Group has been recognized for its commitment to innovation at La Galería Tecnova thanks to the antibacterial and anti-virus properties of our extruded stoneware. Thanks to our investment in R+D+i, we can say that we have been pioneers in creating the first anti-virus ceramic on the market, in compliance with the ISO 21702 standard.

coleccion de gresmanc para piscinas residenciales antibacterias y antivirus