The first free coronavirus ceramic

The first free coronavirus ceramic


Given the global situation in which we have been involved, the R & D & i department of Gresmanc Group has carried out research and development to provide ceramic products with antiviral properties that guarantee safe spaces free of virus.

In a few months, the world's first coronavirus-free ceramic has been created, tested and certified. This has been demonstrated by tests carried out in first-level accredited European laboratories, according to the ISO 21702: 2019 standard.

Specifically, the tests determine that our ceramic reduces the viral activity of the entire coronavirus family by 90% in just 60 minutes, and by 99.9% in 24 hours. This means that, in a matter of an hour, the coronavirus remains harmless on our surfaces, creating virus-free and safe spaces for people.

This new property adds to our ceramics thanks to the development Active Plus Natural, which already provided antibacterial properties to our pieces (according to ISO 22196: 2011).

This innovation from Gresmanc Group is a pioneer in the sector, it is the first coronavirus-free ceramic in the world.

The advantages of coronavirus-free ceramic are directly applicable in multiple environments: shopping centers, hospitals, public institutions, educational centers, swimming pools, homes, the food industry, etc.

  • Social responsibility in public spaces, ensuring cleaner and safer environments where the flow of people is continuous.
  • Greater security in social and health centers where people at high risk of contagion can live together.
  • Peace of mind for the whole family in homes, reducing cleaning efforts to keep environments disinfected.
  • Swimming pools and sports centers totally safe, free of viruses and bacteria where you can enjoy leisure time and sports.
  • Optimal hygiene and health in the food industry where sanitary requirements are maximum.


Gresmanc Group works with the commitment to create healthier environments for all. We are firmly committed to creating a more sustainable construction sector and we work every day to add added value to our extruded ceramics.