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Quality and environment policy

Quality and environment policy

One of the fundamental objectives of the Gresmanc Group is to offer the best experience to its customers. That is why its products are subject to the most rigorous controls and the company permanently invests in the latest technology, in order to achieve the required level of excellence in all its production.

R + D + i

The R+D+i Department, a strategic pillar of the company, continuously develops new products and finishes that meet the aesthetic, qualitative and environmental requirements of the new era of construction. Gresmanc Group considers technological innovation as a fundamental value for the differentiation of its products and services, which allows it to maintain its level of excellence in a highly competitive global environment.
This will is evidenced by notable investments in state-of-the-art equipment and technology, as well as in the hiring of highly qualified technical personnel with extensive experience in the sector, which have enabled the company to be provided with the appropriate means to carry out its activity.


It complies with the UNE-EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, certified through the certifying company Bureau Veritas.


It has the most demanding certifications both in all phases of the production process and in design, as well as those required for the final products obtained. The CE Marking indicates the conformity of a product with the Community Directives that require the manufacturer, as well as that the product in question complies with the Community Provisions related to its production.


With the desire for continuous improvement, its fundamental objective is to ensure the highest quality of its products, in harmony with the needs of its customers, in addition to complying with normative and regulatory requirements, prioritizing the protection of the environment.
Our Quality and Environment policy provides a reference framework for establishing, reviewing and meeting global and individual objectives, involving all areas of the company in quality and environmental management.
To this end, the following commitments are established:
A firm commitment to customers to fully satisfy their needs and expectations, which is why communication channels with them are guaranteed and maintained, promoting the detection of needs and complying with both general and particular requirements, also guaranteeing agility and security. in all operations, reporting the company's commitment to quality and the environment.
Creativity and innovation as part of the company's daily challenge for continuous improvement, anticipating customer needs. To this end, measurement and monitoring systems for products, processes and analysis of the information obtained are established, thus controlling the requirements and effectiveness of the Quality and Environmental Management Systems. Objectives and goals are established to ensure continuous improvement of quality and environmental performance.
A human team aware of its own responsibility in relation to quality and the environment, with valuable collaboration and initiative in the continuous improvement of our products. To this end, we establish among our employees a series of quality and environmental management practices, making them participants in the system.
A great technical capacity and productivity, guaranteeing an adequate use and disposition of material and human resources. To this end, we promote a culture of quality based on the principles of leadership and development of human resources, responsibility, safety and environmental protection in all operations, through training and awareness programs that promote these attitudes.
Some tools that help to identify, assess and control risks and opportunities for Quality and Environmental Management Systems. For this, we strengthen the design and implementation of strategies that allow the treatment of risks and the use of opportunities.
An identification of significant environmental aspects, proposing objectives for improvement and monitoring and verification of their compliance.
Guarantee compliance with the legislation and regulations applicable to our activities, as well as other commitments that the company subscribes voluntarily or at the request of clients.
Minimizing environmental impact has been a fundamental maxim for the Gresmanc Group since its origins. This firm commitment is materialized in a model of sustainable growth at an environmental level that at the same time offers our customers innovative and top quality ceramic products.
The main actions that we carry out are based on the concept of circular economy, reinforcing responsible production and consumption:
We invest in quality raw materials that guarantee the long durability of our products.
We work with proximity providers.
Reuse of water resources, reincorporating them into the manufacturing process after purification.
We minimize the generation of waste by grinding and homogenizing discarded pieces and their subsequent incorporation into the production process.
Implementation of energy saving and efficiency systems that have resulted in the reduction of greenhouse gases.
Renewal of the fleet of low-emission commercial vehicles to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.
Nature creates our raw material, it is intrinsic to us to take care of our natural resources and be proactive in creating a more sustainable system, adding value to our customers, who are increasingly aware of the impact that their habits and consumption have on the environment and The sustainability.