Virtual Tour Cevisama 2020

See again all the novelties in antibacterial extruded stoneware presented at the Cevisama 2020 stand on this virtual tour.

Relive the universe of steps recreated at our booth from the last edition of Cevisama.

The largest range of steps on the market: diversity of models, formats and graphics. Steps up to 1600 mm in length in a straight and Fiorentino model with side covers to achieve perfect finishes.
Exclusive infinity pool with grid and Soft Tech C3 non-slip finishes. Gresmanc's antibacterial extruded stoneware is ideal for swimming pools and humid environments as it prevents the appearance of bacteria and fungi on ceramic surfaces.

New collections:

  • Tui - Stone Series - Bases Format 625x310x10
  • Gobi - Terra Series - Base format 310x310x14
  • Etna - Volcano Series - Base format 310x310x10
  • King Size Bases - Wood 1200 × 200 and White Stone - 600x600x11 and 1200x600x11

The Favemanc ventilated façade was presented at Cevisama with a firm commitment to design.

Our antibacterial extruded ceramic product line lives up to the most demanding architects and projects on the market, offering exclusive designs and finishes, of course, always backed by our certified mounting systems. The edition of Cevisama 2020 has been the chosen setting to present the new plates and the new finishes and they have had an incredible acceptance.

Among the most notable novelties:

  • XXL format - 3000x500x22 mm plates with XD installation system
  • 360-degree Inkjet lattices - inkjet technology has allowed us to create square and rectangular ceramic slats covered with design throughout its surface.
  • New volumetric plates - The volumes offer infinite design possibilities, being able to carry out practically any development. Our R + D + i team presents the new multifunctional plates in our ceramic ventilated façade systems.
  • Superbright glazed finishes in plain and metallic colors.

The technical klinker at the service of the most demanding spaces. Extruded antibacterial porcelain stoneware for industrial flooring and public pools.

KlinkerTech's technical klinker products have been represented at the Gresmanc Group stand with its entire range of special parts for public pools and industrial spaces.

The extruded porcelain stoneware that we use in the manufacture of these products guarantees the maximum durability, resistance and anti-slip conditions that its use and applications require. In the same way that our industrial floor tiles are specifically created to withstand the load and abrasion forces of any type of industry.