premio nan por fachada ventilada cerámica fotocataliticia

NAN Award for our photocatalytic ceramic façade.

Gresmanc Group has been awarded in the fifteenth edition of the NAN Awards as "Best building material" in the category of structures, roofs, facades and partitions thanks to the photocatalytic properties of our ceramic ventilated façade.

Air pollution is one of the main global environmental problems and is associated with different adverse impacts on people's health. In our efforts to find sustainable solutions for the construction sector, the firm has managed to manufacture ceramic plates that actively contribute to improving air quality.

Our ceramic tiles for ventilated façades incorporate an active principle that acts in the presence of UV-A light, both natural and artificial, and produces a nano-scale photocatalytic reaction that results in decontamination and self-cleaning benefits.

We are proud to have been recognized with this award given by the prestigious magazine NAN Architecture. It is an honor to be part of the exclusive selection of companies and architecture studios that have received the statuette this year 2021 and that are a benchmark in the construction and architecture sector.

Francisco Pastrana, Production Director Partner, received the award under the watchful eye of more than 150 people from the field of architecture.

premio nan gresmanc group fachada fotocatalitica