novedades ceramica fachada 2023

Novelties in extruded ceramics for ventilated façades

The most innovative extruded ceramic solutions for ventilated facades have been presented at the exhibition BAU, which has been held in Munich (Germany) between April 17 and 22. It has been the great international stage in which the Gresmanc Group has participated with its Favemanc brand to publicize the solutions that make us different.

Ceramic curved corner

It is an exclusive solution in extruded ceramic that solves the construction challenge of finishing corners in ventilated facades.

All advantages:

This piece is designed to be installed with the same fixing system as the rest of the panels and responds to the same tongue-and-groove anchorage model, covering the basic modulation needs of the project and adapting to the architectural design.

esquina ceramica curva de favemanc representada en la feria bau 2023 en el stand de Gresmanc Group

New XD Brick lines

Designs that convert the concept of brick into an exciting architectural commitment with all the advantages of the ventilated façade in 1200x300x22 mm ceramic plates.

  • The XD Brick English series presents a brick format based on traditional English architecture. Brick size: 210 x 60 mm
  • The XD Brick Europeo series represents more elongated and delicate bricks, with designs that will not go unnoticed. Brick size: 390 x 40 mm
nuevas lineas xd brick de favemanc

XXL plates

The largest extruded ceramic plates on the market, with a format of up to 1200 x 3000 millimeters, in a thickness of 25 mm.

This solution makes it possible to meet one of the great demands of the architecture sector: the installation of the envelope with pieces from forged to forged. In addition, its dimensions bring technical advantages:

  • The number of joints is reduced and thermal and acoustic insulation is increased
  • Greater performance and speed of assembly
  • The 25mm thickness gives it great resistance to possible impacts and is a guarantee of durability.
fachada xxl bau favemanc fachada ventilada cerámica