gresmanc innovacion en tecnologia ceramica

Gresmanc Group, leader in ceramic technology

Innovation in ceramic technology: Installed the largest extruded ceramic dryer of all time.

For Gresmanc Group, the installation of the new dryer represents a new growth lever for our production capacity. Collaboration with SACMI for this project, it serves as an example of the trust we place in them as creators of the best and most innovative technology for the ceramic sector.

Despite the complex international situation, the installation was completed in September and has become the largest dryer ever installed in the ceramic sector worldwide. The dryer has a length of almost 75 meters and is dedicated to the production of panels for ventilated facades up to 3 meters long and extruded porcelain stoneware steps up to 1.6 meters of length.

In addition to the dryer, SACMI has also supplied the Gresmanc Group with all the necessary equipment, particularly the loading and unloading machines, to guarantee the best automation and efficiency in the management of production flows.

This new supply will allow our company to further expand the product catalog, in line with constant attention to technological advances and market trends.

In particular, the new technology improves a flagship product of the company such as the extruded step, a digitally decorated monoblock that differs from traditional solutions due to the absence of glues and adhesives, the high aesthetic value of the piece, the greater resistance and durability. and ease of placement.

On the part of SACMI, the supply reinforces the value of the brand EXTRUDƷD TILES which, with its range of technical and plant engineering solutions, develops this type of solution within the SACMI Ceramic Division, capable of adding value to the ceramic product in synergy with traditional ceramic floor and wall tiles.