piscina particular detalle de la cerámica del borde

Choose antibacterial clinker for your swimming pool

When it comes to making a private pool, there are some fundamental factors that we have to assess ... and everything indicates that antibacterial ceramics have the best physical and technical characteristics for covering a pool.

Antibacterial ceramic is the best option for private or residential pools. In addition, it offers the possibility of achieving the desired aesthetic for any environment due to the diversity of models and finishes.

For more technical questions and constructive solutions ...

It is always good to seek the advice of professionals who can indicate which points must be taken into account when choosing our pool lining:

  • Resistance and durability: the ceramic, and more specifically, the extruded stoneware is presented as a material with low water absorption and great durability over time, as both its finishes and its physical properties remain unchanged over time.
  • Non-slip surfaces: Today, Gresmanc's extruded stoneware offers a soft-touch, non-slip finish and complies with barefoot anti-slip testing and regulations for public pools.
  • Resistant to thermal shock and environmental inclemencies: the low absorption of the ceramic material means that frost and other types of inclement weather do not harm the parts installed in swimming pools. In addition, the correct placement of the pieces with a 5mm joint prevents breaks due to expansion and contraction of the pieces depending on the outside temperature.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance: the surface enamel of the extruded stoneware pieces and its smooth finish make it a highly stain-resistant material that allows easy maintenance and cleaning. The Gresmanc extruded stoneware also has the advantage of incorporating Active Plus Natural developement. , which turns the pieces into surfaces that prevent the proliferation of bacteria, something especially important in humid environments.
  • Special pieces to get the best finishes in the pool: the advantage of extruded ceramics is that it allows you to make special pieces and constructive solutions for all the special finishes on a job (steps, pool edges, corners, curved angles, half reeds ...) .

As for the aesthetic factors in swimming pools ...

ceramic is the best ally to achieve the desired environment and appearance. The broad catalog of models, designs and colors in which ceramic is present is essential for any landscaper or exterior designer:

  • Comprehensive aesthetics of spaces for having the widest catalog of special pieces for all outdoor spaces.
  • Overflowing pools, skimmer or infinity ... we offer solutions for any type of pool.
  • Turquoise blue, emerald green ... the color of the water will vary depending on the coating chosen for the pool glass. With the different ceramic designs spectacular effects are achieved.