gresmanc miebro de asofap

Gresmanc, now a member of ASOFAP

The added value of belonging to ASOFAP

With the aim of offering every day more guarantees to all our clients, recently Gresmanc has become part of ASOFAP. As manufacturers of extruded clinker for outdoor use and for swimming pools, we want to be closer and closer to the professionals in this sector. We want to know your demands and detect first-hand trends and needs in terms of uses, regulations and applications for the world of swimming pools.

ASOFAP, (SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONALS OF THE POOL SECTOR), is constituted as an integrating and representative entity of a global nature. Global both at the territorial level and at the agglutination of the entire value chain of the sector; namely manufacturers, distributors, industrial-pool professionals and maintainers.

Belonging to this association is an added value that we pass on to all our clients and their swimming pool projects since we have the latest information and contributions from the best experts in the sector:

  • Application of specific regulations that directly or indirectly affect the swimming pool sector.
  • We are aware of the latest studies and opinions on regulations, guidelines or regulations, both national and of the European Union, related to professionals in the sector.
  • Obtaining services under advantageous conditions against non-associated third parties by signing cooperation agreements with collaborators and service providers.
  • Market studies
  • Specialized product training

More information about ASOFAP: ASOFAP website