The First Free Coronavirus Ceramics, winner of the 2020 NAN Award

The First Free Coronavirus Ceramics, winner of the 2020 NAN Award

Gresmanc Group wins the 2020 NAN Award for its innovation in flooring and coatings with the First Free coronavirus Ceramic.

This December 10th a total of 300 spectators have participated in the delivery of the NAN Architecture and Construction Awards, a virtual ceremony in which 18 recognitions have been awarded to the best architectural projects and building materials.

Presented by José Manuel Galdón, CEO of TPI , an editor of NAN Architecture and Construction – and with a call for 275 projects and more than a hundred building materials, the innovation of Gresmanc Group, a pioneer in the sector, has been awarded in the category of Floorings and Coatings with the first coronavirus-free ceramics The first free coronavirus ceramic worldwide.

This award strengthens Gresmanc Group's commitment to creating healthier environments for all.

Given the global situation in which we have been involved, the R & D & i department of Gresmanc Group has carried out research and development to provide ceramic products with antiviral properties that guarantee safe spaces free of virus.

Active Plus Natural Active Plus Natural is a new tecnology that brings antibacterial properties to our parts (according to ISO 22196:2011 and ISO 21702 : 2019). The world's first coronavirus-free ceramic has been created, tested and certified. This has been demonstrated by tests carried out in first-level accredited European laboratories, according to ISO 21702 : 2019.

Trials determine that our ceramic reduces the viral activity of the entire coronavirus family by 90% in just 60 minutes, and 99.9% in 24 hours. This means that within an hour, coronavirus becomes harmless on our surfaces creating virus-free and safe spaces for people.

With this innovation we are firmly committed to creating a more sustainable construction sector and work every day to bring added values to our extruded ceramics.

You can watch the 2020 NAN Awards gala in this video:

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