Non-slip porcelain clinker for exteriors and swimming pools

Gresmanc's non-slip porcelain clinker has been designed for outdoor or indoor spaces and has a Soft Tech C3 finish.

This non-slip finish improves cleaning conditions and is soft to the touch. In addition to offering slip resistance and safety for longer.

icono gres porcelanico antideslizante de gresmanc

The technology used to give our non-slip porcelain clinker this property protects the color tone of ceramic floors and gives the surfaces a very pleasant softness on bare feet.

Gresmanc non-slip porcelain clinker floors require little maintenance. Its finishes present a uniform aesthetic without reliefs or textures that can be annoying, especially when we walk barefoot around a pool.

We have collected numerous questions and doubts on our social networks about the safety of placing porcelain clinker in swimming pools, such as edge and perimeter. There is a real concern about the slipperiness of materials when making a pool.

Faced with these doubts about slip resistance and slipperiness, we convey complete confidence in the non-slip properties of porcelain clinker. Gresmanc carries out exhaustive quality controls in each production to ensure compliance with the regulations that regulate non-slip properties.

The international standards most used to measure the degree of slipperiness of porcelain clinker and other materials are the UNE ENV 12633 Standard (slip resistance) and the DIN 51097 Standard (standard for bare feet).

To comply with the first of the regulations, the materials used in humid areas must have a minimum certification of Class 2. For the second, a test of the floors with bare feet is carried out that classifies the slipperiness of the materials in 3 classes : Class A, Class B and Class C. The materials used in swimming pool flooring must be certified with Class C.

Gresmanc's non-slip porcelain clinker is classified as C3 based on these two regulations. It is, therefore, a flooring and cladding material fully indicated to prevent accidents and falls in swimming pools as much as possible.

The regulations guarantee the quality of our products and we have two lines of porcelain clinker for swimming pools: