Gresmanc Group participates in REBUILD 2023

Rehabilitation for life with ceramic ventilated façade

From March 28 to 30, at IFEMA Madrid, Gresmanc Group will participate in Rebuild with a representation of the latest extruded ceramic solutions for ventilated façades from its Favemanc brand.

We are waiting for you at stand 10G704 to present you all the advantages that ceramic ventilated façade systems have in the rehabilitation of buildings.

A commitment to sustainable rehabilitation

Choosing a ceramic ventilated façade to rehabilitate buildings becomes the most sustainable option both due to the energy savings it entails and the fact that ceramics is one of the materials that generates less waste throughout its life cycle, leaving a smaller footprint. carbon.

fachada ventilada ceramica edificio estocolmo

Immediate revaluation of the property

Betting on the ceramic ventilated façade is betting on a lifetime rehabilitation. The revaluation of the real estate value of the building is immediate, together with the savings in the energy bill and the administrative support through subsidies and aid, the amortization period of the investment is relatively short.

fachada fotocatalitica favemanc

Decontaminating and self-cleaning façade

Favemanc ceramic plates have a photocatalytic effect that works by reducing atmospheric pollution, it acts mainly on nitrogen oxide, which is one of the precursors of ozone formation. In addition, photocatalysis provides hydrophilic properties that prevent dirt from adhering to its surface.

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From March 28 to 30 in Madrid.