showroom gresmanc peldaños

New Gresmanc Group showroom with all of its ceramic solutions

Inauguration of the new Gresmanc Group showroom. Pavements, steps, swimming pools and ceramic ventilated façade in a single space

Gresmanc Group, a world reference company in the manufacture of extruded stoneware products for construction, is inaugurating a new exhibition space or showroom these days where it shows all its ceramic solutions.

This exclusive space has been created in the facilities of its production plant where it will bring together its distributors, architects and other professionals from the construction sector to be able to show the great possibilities offered by the manufacture of ceramics by extrusion.

The line of ceramic products aimed at the residential area is led by the largest range of steps on the market, a collection characterized by the diversity of designs and formats.

Technical panels, part samples and construction models complete the representation of the best-known brand of the Gresmanc Group, including the latest trends for swimming pools.

showroom gresmanc peldaños

The Gresmanc Group technical klinker line offers a complete range of special pieces in antibacterial and antivirus extruded stoneware for spaces that require compliance with the most demanding regulations. Specifically, anti-acid flooring for the agri-food industry and coronation solutions, stairs, etc. for technical pools.

showroom kinklertech by gresmanc muestrario de pieza

Favemanc ceramic ventilated façade systems, in addition to being endorsed by all the technical certifications, enjoy several unique characteristics on the market: their photocatalytic properties with decontaminating and self-cleaning benefits and, on the other hand, the infinite possibilities of creating shapes and volumes thanks to manufacturing by extrusion.

showroom favemanc gresmanc group

The new exhibition space includes an immense range of architectural creations, special pieces and construction solutions created in extruded stoneware for the construction sector.