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XXL Panel

Exclusive Favemanc solution

It is currently the largest ceramic tile on the market for ventilated façades. Solves the possibility of installing from slab to slab following the demand of the architecture sector to bet on materials in large formats.

1200mm 471/4in
3000mm 1187/64in
24,3mm 61/64in
45,5 kg/m2 8,7 lb/sqft
placas cerámicas formato xxl con esmaltes exclusivos para fachada ventilada

The length of these panels entails a series of technical advantages:

  • They offer greater capacity for thermal and acoustic insulation. Its large dimension reduces the number of joints and, consequently, insulation losses.
  • Greater performance in the installation: higher assembly speed due to its large dimension and reduction in the number of movements of the crane or assembly machinery.
  • The 24 mm thickness gives it great resistance to possible impacts and is a guarantee of durability.

On the other hand, we can highlight that the glazing process used in these panels is also a pioneer in extruded ceramics and in the world of ceramic façades. For the development of this design, a metallic slip base has been combined, an application of reactive glue using inkjet technology (using a mesh design), and a final application of a metallic grit The final finish is achieved by the adhesion of the grit on the design applied with the glue layer and, in reaction with the metallic base, gives rise to a raised metallic effect.