proyecto lujo fachada ventilada cerámica

Well Lagos, a project with a ceramic ventilated façade

Well Lagos, in Montevideo (Uruguay), a luxury project with a ceramic ventilated façade.

Located in Parque Miramar, Canelones, Uruguay, the Well project comprises three residential buildings, located around a small private lake located in the center of the block and has more than 1,500 square meters of ceramic ventilated façade.

proyecto well fachada ventilada ceramica

The project has been created by Ponce de Leon Architects and shows a special concern for those timeless aspects of architecture that transcend fashion. It reproduces an architecture that responds to the local culture, to the variations in the climate and the landscape.

The choice of materials for this project responds to a very careful criterion in attention to sustainability, energy efficiency and aesthetics. It is a source of pride for Gresmanc Group to be able to say that our ceramics are present in this type of project where so much detail is pampered.

The envelope of each of the three buildings is covered with a Favemanc ventilated ceramic ventilated façade. In total, more than 1,500 square meters of 17-millimeter-thick alveolar ceramic plates that provide great advantages in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. The chosen finish was matt black, made of unglazed full body natural paste (color F039 Negronat).
The work of execution and installation of the ventilated façade system carried out by the construction company quantaxIt has been flawless.

As an added value, thanks to our company's commitment to innovation and sustainability, the Gresmanc Group ceramic ventilated façade has photocatalytic properties that derive in three basic benefits: antibacterial, decontaminating and self-cleaning.