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Technical Consultancy

We make projects easier.

Our ceramic ventilated façade systems have exceptional technical and aesthetic characteristics, which is why we have a specialized technical team that offers a comprehensive service.
We put ourselves at the forefront of each project so that the execution is impeccable, developing concrete solutions according to the demands of each work, thus guaranteeing the correct installation and maximum use of the benefits provided by Favemanc products.

Design consultancy.

In early stages of the project, when it is simply an idea, a concept in architects and designers’s minds, Favemanc is the most suitable partner for its conceptual developing. Our experience and know-how is offered to the technicians to make their projects real. Bespoke solutions and elements is one of our strengths that makes us a suitable partner in projects where ventilated façade plays the main role.

Project consultancy.

Our presence may involve the entire life-cycle of the project since early stages to delivery of buildings. Once the main guidelines of the project are determined and project enter phases of more detailed technical definition we keep on assisting designing teams for the choice of the right system. An in-depth study of the design requirements along with the technical specifications to fulfill turns into the optimized final proposal.

Technical Assistance.

Other of our strengths consists of the human resources, including installation teams specialized in our systems. Our technical department is capable to provide training for installation teams as well as on site technical assistance for setting, starting, and final execution of installation works.