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Characteristics of ceramic ventilated façade

Advantages and characteristics of the Favemanc ventilated facade


Energy efficiency

The ceramic ventilated façade optimizes and reduces energy consumption since a large part of thermal bridges are eliminated so that in certain situations energy savings of more than 30% can be achieved.


High performance

The ceramic plates offer great mechanical resistance thanks to their thickness and honeycomb structure and the absence of machining, incisions or other alterations.



Due the organic origin of clay, our products have a low environmental impact throughout their whole cycle of life. From manufacturing to final installation no toxic waste or products results to be.



Normal use and regular maintenance of panels increases durability of the building since our system avoid humidity condensations in the interior extending the life of the building.


Increase acoustic performance.

The absence of acoustic bridges results in a reduction in the transmission of noise to the interior, improving the insulation. In addition, the greater absorption generated by the ventilated chamber helps to reduce the reverberation time, thereby improving acoustic conditioning.


No contribution of fire.

No contribution to fire is one important feature.

What makes us different

Photocatalytic ceramics. Decontaminating facade.
Active Plus is a photocatalitic product that acts as an active ingredient in our products with antibacterial, self-cleaning and decontaminating benefits. Favemanc pieces in which Active Plus is applied are capable, in the presence of UV-A light, of initiating a nanoscale photocatalytic reaction resulting in three basic benefits.
It is important to notice that:
it is not toxic and does not contain irritating substances.
It does not run out as it permanently reactivates with light, natural or artificial.
it is resistant to deep abrasion.
it does not change colors and finishes.

Decontaminant Effect

The photocatalytic effect contributes to the reduction of atmospheric pollution, mainly on nitrogen oxide (NOx):
-By direct action: Reduction of harmful gaseous substances (nitrogen oxide (NOx) such as Benzene, Toluene, etc.), produced by human activity (Industries, Automobiles, Heating, etc.). Degradation of the macromolecule (NOx) endorsed by the laboratory accord
For indirect action: By destroying pollutants ozone precursors (NOx), with the formation of ozone (O3).

Antibacterial Effect

The Active Plus Sun treatment reacts by disintegrating microorganisms such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus and preventing the creation of the biofilm in which these organisms usually grow, eliminating bad odors and toxic fumes.

Self- Cleaning Effect

Another property is the Active Plus hydrophilicity. This means that our products passed the molecule of water (moisture) naturally present in the air, creating a situation that prevents the adhesion of dirt.

Certificates and Tests

The Favemanc ceramic ventilated facade meets the most rigorous standards to meet the demands of each project and our certifications support us.




ISO 9001