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Ceramic Ventilated Façade

¿Qué es la fachada ventilada cerámica de Favemanc?

La fachada ventilada cerámica de Favemanc consiste en una solución constructiva para la envolvente del edificio dónde la cámara de aire está abierta y permite el flujo de aire en su interior. Esto se conoce como “efecto chimenea” y el resultado es un incremento del aislamiento térmico y acústico en el interior del edificio.

Design and Ease of Assembly

The Favemanc ceramic ventilated façade represents an innovative mounting system, based on extruded stoneware plates in various formats and finishes that are backed by the quality and experience of the Gresmanc Group. The design of the ceramic plates has an internal chamber that strengthens them, increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building.
The mounting systems for the ceramic ventilated façade are simple, with hidden fastening and without the need to make incisions in the plate, which provides optimal fixing. The Favemanc ceramic ventilated facade can be combined with various materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, glass or wood, among others.
Ceramic ventilated façade systems offer the opportunity to provide the building with the desired aesthetics and a unique personality thanks to the wide range of colors, finishes, volumes, special pieces and its different installation systems. All this allows our product to meet the aesthetic and technical needs of each project, whether ordinary or singular.

Ventilated facade systems

We develop different systems that offer specific solutions, so our clients can choose the best support to carry out both ordinary and singular projects.
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Special Pieces

Design is also volume and functionality.


Technology at the service of design.


Added values of Favemanc:


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Certificates and Tests

The Favemanc ceramic ventilated facade meets the most rigorous standards to meet the demands of each project and our certifications support us.




ISO 9001