porcelain clinker for pool in white stone model

White Stone porcelain stoneware pools by Gresmanc

This summer has become clear, the White Stone model, from Gresmanc's Evolution Series, the best porcelain stoneware for swimming pools.

Every day we receive more porcelain stoneware swimming pool projects executed with our White Stone model.

Its aesthetics with grained stone graphic in light and bright color, creates an elegant and exclusive environment. This model, like all of Gresmanc's, includes all the special pieces necessary to perfectly finish off any space.

In the White Stone porcelain pools, the water reflects iridescence of turquoise color. The final effect is all brightness and luminosity in any space.

Security before everything

The high performance of Gresmanc extruded porcelain stoneware, together with its design, have been the key to success:

  • Antibacterial ceramic thanks to the Active Plus Natural development.
  • SOFT TECH C3 non-slip finish, soft to the touch and easy to clean.
  • Thermal shock resistance and durability.
  • Complete range of special pieces to finish any corner or corner