las ventajas del porcelánico para piscinas

The 7 main advantages of porcelain stoneware for swimming pools

Summer and warm days arrive and there is no better feeling than diving into a pool in full sun. Private pools have become the key element around which all summer plans are organized.

For the little ones, with friends, with the family... swimming pools are becoming more and more enjoyable and the demand among individuals has increased enormously in recent years. In addition, like everything that is done with enthusiasm, a lot of care and attention is paid to the construction of a private pool: the characteristics, the size, the materials... everything is carefully chosen to recreate the ideal pool.

Among all the factors that are considered when making your own pool, there is one that stands out above all else: safety. In the private and family environment, where what matters most are people, safety is paramount. For this reason, ceramic coatings become the best allies for our pools.

Aware of this aspect, at Gresmanc, we have developed complete collections with the widest range of special pieces in porcelain stoneware specially designed for swimming pools.

We give you the 7 main advantages of porcelain tile for swimming pools that will convince you that it is the best option to cover your pool:

1 – Extruded porcelain stoneware has extreme resistance and great durability, it is a material with low water absorption in which both its finishes and its physical properties remain unchanged over time. The low absorption means that frost and other types of inclement weather do not harm the pieces installed in the pools. In addition, the correct placement of the pieces with the joint prevents breakage due to the expansion and contraction of the pieces depending on the outside temperature.

2 – Gresmanc porcelain has a non-slip finish that complies with all regulations and standards for slipping on bare feet while being soft to the touch and easy to clean. This is the exclusive Soft Tech C3 finish that prevents falls and slips on wet surfaces and makes scratches and snags when getting in and out of the pool a thing of another era.

volga porcelanico piscina

3 – Ease of cleaning and maintenance: the surface enamel of the pieces of our porcelain tile for swimming pools and its smooth finish make it a material that is highly resistant to stains and allows easy maintenance and comfortable cleaning. In addition, it is not affected by the possible chemical products that can be used to purify the pool water.

4 – In humid environments, where there is a risk of proliferation of bacteria and fungi, it is important to have surfaces that protect you from them. Gresmanc extruded porcelain stoneware has exclusive antibacterial and antiviral properties, guaranteed by the ISO 22196 and ISO 21702 regulations.

piscinas porcelanico white stone alebo

5 – The advantage of extruded ceramic is that it allows special pieces and constructive solutions suitable for all kinds of finishes and challenges in a work (steps, pool edges, drainage grates, corners, curved angles, half rounds...). Pieces that provide definitive solutions of high value, which are aesthetically integrated into the space as a whole and provide perfect finishes that make a difference.

6 – The aesthetic issue, of course, we cannot ignore it. The variety of designs, colors and formats available makes the design possibilities endless. From the most traditional designs to the most daring bets in line with the latest decoration and landscaping trends, the porcelain collections for swimming pools are inspired by nature, recreating veins of all types of stones and earth tones to create unique and very personal.

7 – It is the most sustainable option. Of 100% natural origin, ceramic is one of the materials that generates less waste throughout its life cycle, leaving a lower carbon footprint and its high performance make it a very durable option over time.