Rodamanto en villa de lujo

Rodamanto dresses this luxury villa in India

Gresmanc's Rodamanto model dresses the exteriors and interiors of this luxury villa.

This 6,000 square foot villa is located in a small town near Palghat in Kerala, on a large plot along the banks of a river. The client is a popular Malayalam film director, a household name in Kerala. He and his family wanted to live in a cozy and familiar space.

The floor covering all the spaces in the house is the classic Gresmanc Rodamanto model, accompanied by studs and decorated tiles that delimit the different areas in each space.

Likewise, the external staircase that gives access to the perimeter terrace of the house is also covered with a Rodamanto step complemented by a decorated partition.

The warmth of the ceramic creates an environment that exudes luxury, elegance and light. All an example of classicism within the new lines of design in architecture and interior design.

A tour of this house can be seen in the Indian edition of the prestigious AD magazine - Architectural Digest.