gresmanc group en batimat

Gresmanc Group participates in Batimat 22

The latest in extruded ceramic for ventilated façades

From October 3 to 6, Gresmanc Group will be in Batimat with a representation of the latest extruded ceramic solutions for ventilated façades from its Favemanc brand.

Do not hesitate to visit us to discover it. We will be in hall 1, stand S12.

A sample of international projects with our ceramic ventilated façade

The visitor will be able to observe a sample of the ceramic solutions that have already been installed in large architectural projects at an international level. Universities, hospitals, hotels, corporate buildings... the Favemanc team works hand in hand with technicians and architects from the project design phase to the execution phase to create personalized solutions that adapt 100% to the physical and aesthetics of each building.

fachada ventilada ceramica edificio estocolmo

We extrude ideas

The multitude of design possibilities offered by ceramic makes it one of the key materials in the construction sector thanks to its high performance and physical qualities in line with sustainable architecture.

extruimos ideas en ceramica para fachada ventilada

Decontaminating and self-cleaning façade

Favemanc ceramic plates have a photocatalytic effect that works by reducing atmospheric pollution, it acts mainly on nitrogen oxide, which is one of the precursors of ozone formation. In addition, photocatalysis provides hydrophilic properties that prevent dirt from adhering to its surface.

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From October 3 to 6 in Paris.

fachada fotocatalitica favemanc