premio alfa de oro gresmanc group

Gresmanc Group wins the Alfa de Oro award for its architectural ceramic solutions for facades

The jury of the 47th edition of the Alfa de Oro awards has decided to reward the innovation and creativity of the Gresmanc Group in the development of architectural solutions for ventilated facades with the Alfa de Oro 2023. This is a recognition granted by the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass (SECV) since 1977 to the most innovative projects in technology and design.

The latest technology used by the Gresmanc Group in the manufacture of ceramics by extrusion has made it possible to create unique solutions in the world of architecture and construction. The multitude of design possibilities offered by ceramic makes it one of the key materials in the construction sector thanks to its high performance and physical qualities in line with sustainable architecture.

The ventilated facade systems from Gresmanc Group also have the added value of being photocatalytic: they incorporate an active principle that acts in the presence of both natural and artificial UV-A light, and produces a photocatalytic reaction on a nanometric scale that results in decontaminating, self-cleaning benefits and contribute to the elimination of the heat island effect in urban centers.

alfa de oro soluciones cerámicas para fachadas favemanc

At Gresmanc Group, the wisdom of tradition and the skill of the experience of three previous generations are combined with the precision provided by the cutting-edge technology of its production processes and the permanent innovation of its R+D+i department that researches and develops new materials and products until reaching the high quality of your final product. All of this, together with the best design specialists, brings together the four key concepts of its business philosophy: innovation, sustainability, design and quality.

Gresmanc Group expresses its sincere gratitude to the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass, to the fair Cevisama and other entities in the sector that have made this call possible, since these awards undoubtedly promote innovation and growth in the ceramic industry.