gresmanc medio ambiente

Gresmanc Group, in action for the environment

Nature creates our raw material, it is intrinsic to Gresmanc Group to take care of our natural resources and be proactive in creating a more sustainable system, adding value to our customers, who are increasingly aware of the impact that their habits and consumption have on the environment. and sustainability.

Minimizing environmental impact is a fundamental principle for us from the beginning. This firm commitment is embodied in an environmentally sustainable growth model that at the same time offers customers innovative and top quality ceramic products.

The actions: based on the concept of circular economy, reinforcing responsible production and consumption:

  • Investment in quality raw materials that guarantee the long durability of our products.
  • Collaboration with local suppliers, which implies less transport needs and avoids excessive plastic packaging.
  • In the manufacturing process, all water resources are reused, reincorporating them into the manufacturing process after a water purification and management process that eliminates 100% of discharges.
  • The generation of waste is minimized through the grinding and homogenization of discarded pieces and their subsequent reincorporation into the production process.
  • Implementation of energy saving and efficiency systems that have resulted in the reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • Renewal of the fleet of low-emission commercial vehicles to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.
proceso productivo economia circular gresmanc

This series of actions has enabled our company to obtain ISO 14001 certification, demonstrating its commitment to preserving the environment, environmental awareness and improving processes from the point of view of sustainability.

Added to this is the commitment to continuous innovation and the commitment to offer the best benefits in relation to the safety and health of people, which has made the Gresmanc Group a pioneer in the world in the development of ceramics with antibacterial and antiviral properties. . These benefits are endorsed by the ISO 22196 and ISO 21702 standards and are maintained throughout the useful life of the ceramic; they are not exhausted as they are incorporated at the nanometric level.

Another important product innovation is the photocatalytic properties that our ceramic plates for ventilated facades incorporate, which actively contribute to improving air quality. An active principle has been incorporated into its ceramic composition that acts in the presence of UV-A light, both natural and artificial, and produces a reaction on a nanometric scale that results in decontaminating and self-cleaning benefits and contributes to eliminating the island effect of heat in urban centers.

Our commitment is firm and continuous. We work every day to offer new sustainable solutions for the construction sector that improve people's quality of life.